Where is St Edmund?

Where is St Edmund?

This will be an interesting read. The town would no doubt lay claim to his body, but his shrine was with the monks of Bury St Edmunds, whose successors we are.

If they find his body, St Edmund should come home to the monks of St Edmund’s at Douai Abbey. Naturally.

3 thoughts on “Where is St Edmund?

  1. Thank you for your interest in the book. I recently sent a copy to the Abbot, and once he has read it he will be depositing it in the monastic library. The monks of Douai are indeed the successors of the monks of Bury – but I would suggest that the people of East Anglia have an even stronger claim to the body of St Edmund than the monks (who, after all, have only been his custodians since 1020).


    1. Salve, Dr Young! It was the arrival of the book on the new books shelf in the monks’ calefactory that prompted me to note it. As soon as it is free from the shelf I shall read it. I can see the logic of your suggestion in one context. However, given that the people did not guard his body very well, and that the monks cherished him, we have the stronger moral claim practically and morally.

      Besides, I feel the urge to cause a stir, so this is no bad cause!



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