Cardinal Sarah’s Address to Sacra Liturgia 2016 in Full

Of course I should be in bed; but the text of Cardinal Sarah’s important opening address to the Sacra Liturgia conference has been released, including the parts he cut on the day due to time constraints. So you can all have a head start on me. Read, and savour!

Cardinal Sarah’s Address to Sacra Liturgia UK – London – 5 July 2016 – English – Final Text

The reaction against it has begun. Pray that wolves do not get Cardinal Sarah as well.

Robert, Cardinal Sarah—London, 5 July 2016

Sacra Liturgia: Day 4, Hughlights 3

We enter here the last stretch to the finishing post of the conference.

Monsignor Andrew Burnham, former Anglican flying bishop of Ebbsfleet, and one of the three Anglican bishops whose conversion coincided with the erection of the Ordinariate in England, spoke to us about the Ordinariate’s proper liturgical books: Divine Worship: The Missal and “the liturgical books proper to the Anglican tradition” (Anglicanorum Coetibus, III). He was one of the committee that compiled the liturgical books for the Ordinariate Use (as were Fr Uwe Michael Lang and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, both present at the conference). Continue reading “Sacra Liturgia: Day 4, Hughlights 3”

Sacra Liturgia: Day 4, Hughlights 2

Next up is the 14th session of the four-day conference, given by Professor David Fagerberg of the University of Notre Dame in the USA. His paper, entitled Doing the Word Liturgically: Stewardship and Creation and Care for the Poor, was the third in a trilogy of more theologically demanding papers, though it was delivered in quite a light style.

He began by setting the context in terms of a question, or rather two questions: Is there a connection between liturgy and social justice, especially care of the poor and stewardship of creation? Could anyone actually object to such a connection? Continue reading “Sacra Liturgia: Day 4, Hughlights 2”

Sacra Liturgia: Day 4, Hughlights 1

Friday was Day 4 of Sacra Liturgia 2016, as full as the previous days which had taken their toll on many of us. It has been a densely packed programme, and London has been mercifully dry but unmercifully muggy. These highhughlights are a little late in coming as Friday ended with a stirring pontifical Mass in the Ordinariate Use at Warwick Street, after which Mgr and Mrs Newton kindly hosted a drinks’ reception. Then it was a lovely supper for me with a wonderful crew, all younger than me, many of whom provided such sterling service in the conference liturgies. While Lucas is already a seminarian for the diocese of Worcester in Massachusetts, from the other young chaps I expect to see a vocation or two in the next few years.

The first talk of the day was from Professor Dr Helmut Hoping, a permanent deacon, from the University of Freiburg im Breisgau. Continue reading “Sacra Liturgia: Day 4, Hughlights 1”

Sacra Liturgia Day 3: Hughlights 2

Yes, there is a typo in the title. But on reflection I have decided to leave it in. It reflects well what I am eager to affirm: that these summaries are distinctively mine, reflecting my priorities and level of fatigue, as well as the capabilities of my memory, intellect and attention span. Please do not equate these little highhughlights with any sort of truly comprehensive summary.

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Sacra Liturgia Day 3: Highlights 1

The third day of Sacra Liturgia 2016 will probably prove to have been the most gruelling of the conference. Five talks were packed into the day, which began at 9am and finished well after 5pm. The general impression is that business conferences tend to be company-paid holidays surrounding a few talks or seminars. Not so for liturgiophiles: it is very much a full day and value for money. It comes a a little cost for the more delicate ones like me, as a headache saw me on the hot, crowded tube heading home, to decorously collapse, a trip which saw me squeezed between similarly stressed people who were a little taken aback at the sight of a Benedictine habit.

The five talks today covered a disparate range of topics, and some of them stretched the bounds of my learning quite substantially. As a result, the summaries to follow will probably be bettered by others.

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Sacra Liturgia Day 2: Highlights 2

As you can begin to tell, today was a busy day at Sacra Liturgia.

The next paper was by Professor Peter Stephan of the University of Freiburg im Breisgau, who teaches architectural theory and art history. His paper was entitled The Vicissitudes of Liturgy and Architecture shown in the Example of Berlin’s Cathedral of St Hedwig.  Not surprisingly Professor Stephan’s paper had a strong visual component which is impossible to reproduce here.

Professor Peter Stephan

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