Why Benedictines are liturgical; and why Jesuits should be too

The title above is crude, but it is designed to remind all those in the Benedictine familia of one of our foundational and essential charisms; and to alert the Church universal to the fact that this Benedictine charism is in fact a catholic one, a charism that is shared by the whole Church. The debates on the liturgy—often illuminating and uplifting, often frustrating and disheartening—will never bear fruit without a sound understanding of the foundation and essential character of liturgy.

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The Rise and Rise of St Mary’s University

The Rise and Rise of St Mary’s University

Last night I was privileged to be able to attend the formal launch of the Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Amazingly I was even invited to the pre-launch drinks and post-launch supper. I was privileged to see some familiar faces (Dr Jacob Phillips for example) and meet some new ones (Ben Ryan from the ecumenical think-tank Theos, and Dr Chris Altieri from Vatican Radio). It was good to be there as there a clear feeling that something good was afoot for the Church in England and Wales. Continue reading “The Rise and Rise of St Mary’s University”


In comments on the previous post about St George, Dr Joe Shaw implies that we could have two patrons, or even three if we count St Edward the Confessor (whom I am not biased against, as his feast day is my birthday). Continue reading “Co-patrons?”

That foreign man, St George

When asked to celebrate the conventual Mass today, St George’s day, I was a little conflicted. For our patron, St Edmund King and Martyr (†869/70), was the original patron of England, St George only being established in that role in 1348. In recent years there have been petitions to the government to restore St Edmund as English patron, to no avail. For not a few among the English, St Edmund is still the rightful patron.

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Amoris Laetitia: All things to all?

Most of us have probably read a great deal of commentary on Amoris Laetitia (AL). Some commentaries are laudatory, some condemnatory, some nod to its weaknesses but strive hard to extol its virtues, some ignore its virtues and seek to expose an alleged wolf in sheep’s clothing. When the dust settles what will we find?

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Did you notice?

What with all the talk the last few days about Amoris Laetitia, we might have missed seeing, or if seeing, missed the significance of, a brief note on the Lefebvrist Society of St Pius X (SSPX). It was published in La Croix, and picked up by the Rorate Caeli blog. I quote it below:
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Divided Opinions on Amoris Laetitia

There is a lot of comment on the papal exhortation. It is a little overwhelming. But some you may want to read are listed here. A reader here, sentenil, suggests the following from very reputable writers:

Robert Royal — Beautiful, Moving and Divisive
Fr James Schall SJ — Who is Admonishing Whom?
Carl Olson — Francis’ Sprawling Exhortation
Ed Peters — First Thoughts

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